Cookware Care and Cleaning Instructions
1.Before using
Wash thoroughly with soap and plenty of warm clean water. Rinse and dry immediately with a cloth.

Never heat the cookware while it is empty.  Do not cool down cookware abruptly in cold water; allow cookware to cool before washing.  Do not  leave un-dissolved salt to remain in the bottom, or add before there is any food or liquid inside. Do not leave any vinegar, mayonnaise or salty water without the presence of other food.

Excessive use of high heat is not needed as the heat diffuser bottom of the cookware distributes the heat evenly and rapidly. Always use moderate heat for a couple of minutes until the liquids start to boil, or the food is golden brown.  Reduce the heat to minimum until cooking is complete.  The cookware may be taken of the heat minutes before the cooking is complete, the food will finish cooking with the heat retained by the Heat Diffuser.  The bottom is safe to 600ºC, which is double of the temperature needed for cooking.  Temperatures above 600ºC may cause fusion and/or separation of the bottom.

4.Gas cooking stoves
While cooking with gas stoves, make sure never to allow the gas flame to extend beyond the base of the pan; this may lead to permanent discoloration and stains.

5.Removing stains
Water high in calcium and excessive heat may spoil the appearance of the cookware by causing discoloration of the surface. Some foods or ingredients may cause damage to and/or discoloration of the surface.  An effective cleaning product to remove stains and residue is recommended.

6.Removing residue
If food remains on the surface, boil a mixture of water and vinegar for several minutes to dislodge the food particles.  To remove the remaining particles use an spatula or metallic sponge and wash with detergent.

7.How to keep it shining
To maintain the shine and quality of the Stainless Steel ARTAME products, the use of an appropriate product is recommended.